In 2017, the FCC sold the 600MHz range of RF to cell phone companies to start using in their products and towers.  Because of this, wireless mics that use that frequency range are going to start experiencing interference and interruption.  The FCC has made a law that by 2020 all wireless mics in that range must be ceased to be used.  Even though that deadline is still a long way off, cell phone companies have already started putting up towers and utilizing the 600 MHz frequency spectrum across the US and you can start getting interference.  Here is a map of towers already in use as of December of 2017, with more being added throughout the year.

Shure, a wireless mic company, is offering a limited rebate on replacing microphones in the 600 MHz spectrum.  You can return any brand of microphone that is in that spectrum for a rebate on many of their newest digital wireless microphone systems.  The rebate program is only available until the end of April 2018.  Here is more information on their rebate program.

Inspirmedia is a dealer for Shure microphones, so if you have microphones in that range, please contact us to see about upgrading them while the rebates are still available.  If you have any questions about this or don’t know if your mics are affected, please give us a call (402)-483-7433 or send us an email thru our contact form.