Hasting College, in Hastings, Nebraska, just completed construction on the Jackson Dinsdale Art Center (JDAC), a top-of-the-line facility to house their art department.  This center rivals those of the best art colleges in the country.  Inspirmedia had the privilege of producing the reception held in the school’s sports arena following an outdoor dedication service in front of the JDAC.

Transforming the school’s gym into an upscale reception hall was no easy task.  To hide much of the gym’s features, it was decided to hang fabric from a center truss that ran the length of the gym and stretched to the side walls.  This would hide all of the bleachers, basketball hoops, and scoreboards and give us a blank canvas to start lighting.  68 round tables were setup for dinner, and the client wanted each table to be spot lighted, but hanging that many individual spot lights was not an option because of limited space and the weight limits of the gym’s small steel grid.

The solution was to hang 10 High End Systems ShapeShifter W1’s down the center of the room on the same truss as the canopy. We could then direct each cell individually and pinspot each of these tables and the bars. It was quick, efficient and looked beautiful!

The entertainment for the evening was a full concert by The Midtown Men, the original Broadway cast of Jersey Boys.  They wanted a nice lighting show to compliment their exciting stage presence.  We had very little rehearsal time, so we needed a robust solution that could provide a variety of looks, yet was compact and easy to program. High End System’s ShapeShifter C2 was the perfect fixture that fit all of those requirements.  6 fixtures hanging on the upstage truss and another 6 lining the front stage edge gave the setup a lot of depth, with very few fixtures required.

Because of our quick timeline, we relied heavily on the macros in the C2’s to provide a “big look” quickly. Using our Hog4 console, we created macro pallets to be able to rename the macros we wanted and quickly access them when busking. We also used macros in the W1’s hanging from the center room truss to provide some “shimmer” to the room during some big musical pieces.

With up-lighting all around the room on the walls of white drapes, and lights along the center truss between the ShapeShifters hitting the top of the canopy, the mood of the entire room was in our control with the push of a button.  As the evening progressed, we transitioned the room from a darker, red and white look for appetizers, to a white look for dinner, and then used more exciting colors during the concert.  The place came alive as the concert progressed and people were dancing and singing along to the awesome performers on stage.  The event was a total success and we were so glad to be able to help open the new art center and honor Jackson Dinsdale in the best way possible.