Turn Up The Volume with Live Sound Production from Inspirmedia

Inspirmedia Productions is your one-stop-shop for your audio production needs! No matter the size of the event, Inspirmedia Productions will provide whatever audio equipment necessary to make sure your message is heard loud and clear.  All of our innovative sound equipment utilizes the latest digital audio technology, and our audio production experts are always finding ways to push the boundaries even further when it comes to live sound.  We were the first audio production company in the world to get our hands on the Roland M5000 mixing console and have never looked back.  The flexible 128 channels makes sure we will always have enough channels to take anything you might be able to throw at us.

Our current speaker system is comprised of Renkus-Heinz IC Live Steerable Line Arrays.  These are slim, low-profile sound systems that allow an incredible amount of sound from a small unit.  We can control them with software to cover a room evenly from front to back so the people in the front are not getting blasted with sound.  They provide incredible clarity for spoken word events and pack enough punch for all types of live music. Our live audio production services will blow your mind, but not your eardrums!